How to create a professional online presence on different social media platforms

Cahootify is an online platform that helps people build a team for any media related projects they may be doing. For example new film makers can use the platform to build a team of actors, directors or even editors for their new project. In return for any help the creator may get they can repay them however they wish even if that’s just by giving them experience of being on a film. As well as this Cahootify helps you build a project portfolio this is where you can showcase yourself by telling people what projects you may of worked on and any other information about the work you may want help with. An example of a young film maker that has used Cahootify to build a team for his new short film is Ben Davies an international film contest finalist. Here he has used the site to find a producer, two actors and a person to work with the lighting for his short horror film. Cahootify is a beneficial online resource for him and anyone else looking for work. This is because people can use the site to contact him about any work that interests them.

Opening page for the Cahootify website

As well as Cahootify a creator of a new film needs to take into consideration how they can create a strong professional online presence on different platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. This will therefore enable them to promote themselves and their work to potentially new fans.

Promoting yourself on Facebook is a key way to get yourself noticed online due to the 1.93 monthly active users that use the site. If you promote yourself correctly on this online platform then you are more than guaranteed to get yourself noticed. There are many ways to do this the first being create a Facebook fan page this way you can write about yourself, your business and also projects you may have done. An example of an effective Facebook fan page is the Justin Bieber page. On this site he has gave a brief description about himself this way people can get to know him and the type of work he does. He has also included a link onto to his page that directs fans to his official website where users can see his videos, upcoming events and images. As well as this the Facebook site is filled with rich content that fans will want to share. Shareable content is the key way to get yourself noticed this is because once users share information on your page then friends on their profile will be able to see it inviting more fans to like and follow your page.  When creating a new film it is essential a new film maker posts little clips of the movie onto their Facebook fan page this way its get fans excited about the upcoming new film so therefore they will post about it and also share the videos to friends on their page.

Facebook logo

Twitter is a beneficial online resource for upcoming new film makers this is because the site enables us to write 140 word tweets to our followers. This way a new film maker can tweet about key dates, information about the new film or even about themselves to followers of their profile. Hash tags are great way for Twitter users to connect with others with the same interest. What they are is basically a word relating to any topic behind a # symbol that makes a common discussion subject. For example when people are tweeting about the upcoming new star wars film they use the hash tag #starwars this tweet is brought to a page where everyone is talking about the same topic of being excited for the new film. This is an excellent way for the movie to invite more fans as users of the person who used the hash tag will click on it and see all the hype and discussion of the new film and will therefore want to watch it themselves. An upcoming new film maker should create a personalised hash tag that relates to their new film for example this could just be the title of their new movie and use it when they tweet about it. This will encourage the followers of their profile to use the hash tag themselves and interest others to do the same. This way an online community is formed where everyone is tweeting and commenting about the same topic.

When a person is wanting to find success online they need to ensure their tweets are shareable so therefore people will retweet the tweet. If your fans retweet for you, they aid you to discuss your tweets to their fans which enables more people to see what you are tweeting about. As well as this a new film maker can retweet posts from other peoples pages that do not follow them. This will therefore entice them to follow their page which will enable them to see the content the film maker is tweeting about and sharing which will encourage the new follower to become a fan.

An example of a Twitter page

It is essential a new film maker posts videos on YouTube. To do so they would need to create a YouTube channel where all their videos can be stored. Keeping the channel regularly updated can turn non-subscribers into loyal fans. An example of a effective movie channel is the official Harry potter page this site enables fans to watch trailers, behind the scene footage and even interviews with the cast and directors. It is important for a new film maker to include these types of videos so that fans can get excited about the new film so therefore they can share and talk about it on other social media platforms. The videos stored on this channel have to be rich and engaging so it will invite people to comment, like and share the content.

Below all videos on YouTube there is a share button available to all it’s users. The share button allows you to share the video on other social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Tumblr. This button is beneficial to all newly started film makers this is because if their videos are shareable then they can be noticed by many other users on different online platforms which will enable their viewing count to increase.

YouTube logo

Cahootify is an essential website for newly started film makers to gather a crew together to create films. However it takes a lot more than gathering a team together for a film to be successful. This is because you need to create a professional online presence to enable yourself to be noticed on all different media platforms. This is because the internet today is the key source to be getting noticed by the public due to it high volume of users that use the internet everyday . Many social media platforms enables you to share content for your friends or followers to see so therefore it is essential for anyone wanting to be noticed online that their posts, videos or images are interesting to view. So therefore people will want to share and comment about it it for others to see which would possibly attract new fans.









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Five perfect Christmas costumes to wear this holiday

Girls, are you stuck on what to wear as a fancy dress costume this Christmas? Even if it may be for a works night out, a family Christmas party or even to wear for Christmas day I have you sorted. With this weeks blog post I have chosen 5 different Christmas themed costumes that would look perfect for any event.

Outfit one

Saucy Pud Costume

Christmas pudding outfit. This outfit it perfect for any Christmas event and can be matched with a pair of white or black over the knee socks. However if you want to keep it appropriate whilst around the younger age range then pair with white tights.

Outfit two

Santa outfit. This costume is perfect with or without the white over the knee socks just add a pair of black heals for a touch of glamour.

Outfit three


Reindeer costume. This outfit would be perfect for a Christmas night out due to it glamorous and stylish look.

Outfit four

Christmas tree tutu dress is a perfect outfit to wear for a family Christmas party. Match with a pair of glittery tights to add a tinsel effect.

Outfit five

Miss snowman outfit. This costume is perfect for any Christmas event match with a pair of striped tights black heels and brown top hat for the full effect.

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5 stylish outfits that would be perfect to wear going out this Winter

Planning your outfit for a night out in Winter can be a really hard task. When your out you want to show off your body and appear glamorous and sexy without freezing and being too cold to enjoy your night.

For this blog post I have planned 5 stylish outfits which would look perfect to wear for a night out this time of season.

Outfit one

Red belted Kimono dress- can be bought from River island at a price of 45 pounds


BUBBLE Suede Over The Knee Boots- can be bought from Top shop for 125 pounds

Black leather slouchy chain handbag- River island for 50 pounds


Outfit two



Black leather-look mini skirt- can be bought from River island for 28 pounds

Slinky Deep Plunge Bodysuit Burgundy- Missguided for 18 pounds

Black double strap barely there heels- can be bought from River island for 50 pounds

Outfit three

MOTO Sulphur Joni Jeans- can be bought from Topshop for 36 pounds

MOTO Sulphur Joni Jeans- can be bought from Topshop for 36 pounds

Cream drape cut-out t-shirt- River island 28 pounds

Light pink strappy heeled platforms- can be bought from River island for 30 pounds

Outfit four


Crepe Bralet Silver from missguided for 20 pounds and Skinny Crepe Trousers Silver for 22 pounds

britton nude high heel court shoes from Kurt Geiger London

Britton nude high heel court shoes from Kurt Geiger London priced 199 pounds

Light beige metal trim asymmetric clutch bag- River island for 15 pounds

Outfit five

Neck-Tie Tux Jacket and Cigarette Trousers from Topshop Price for outfit 95 pounds

Black suede caged strappy heeled sandals from River island for 70 pounds

Read Viktor Mitruk blog on a night out in Slovakia

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How to survive your first few months at University

For this weeks blog post me, Alina Bashir and Abbey Turnbull joined and collaborated a blog post on how to survive your first few months at University.


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How to style an oversized shirt for five days

For this weeks post I am going to blog about how you can style an oversized shirt into different outfits for a five days. I will plan outfits at an affordable price and will write where you can buy these pieces of clothing from. The oversized shirt I am going to use can be bought from River island for £25.

River island- White turn up sleeve shirt- £25.00

Day one– Under a sleeveless dress. Add a pair of heels and a chunky necklace for a touch of glamour. The first outfit I have created would be perfect for a lunch date or even to work whilst sitting at an office chair.


White turn up sleeve shirt

Topshop- Textured A-Line Dress- Priced £40

Topshop- Textured A-Line Dress- Priced £40

Black leather pointed strappy court heels

River island- Black leather pointed strappy court heels- Priced £55

Silver Layered Statement Necklace | New Look

New Look- Silver Layered Statement Necklace- Priced £24.99

Day two– Under a jumper. Pair with black jeans and open toed boots.

White turn up sleeve shirt


Black Lace Up Side Jumper | New Look

New Look- Black Lace Up Side Jumper- Priced £22.99

River island- Black high waisted Molly jeggings- Priced £40.00

River island- Black leather peep toe lace-up boots- Priced £60.00

Day three– Open and under a blazer

White turn up sleeve shirt


River island- Black raw cut sleeveless jacket- Priced £35.00

River island- Black textured peg trousers- Priced £38.00

River island- Black leather lace up court shoes- Priced £75.00

Black asymmetric clutch handbag

River island- Black asymmetric clutch handbag- Priced £20.00


Day four– Untucked with boyfriend jeans

White turn up sleeve shirt


TALL MOTO Rip Hayden Jeans

Top shop- MOTO Rip Hayden Jeans- Priced £42

lizard black flat low top trainers from KG Kurt Geiger

Kurt Geiger- LIZARD Black Flat Low Top Trainers KG Kurt Geiger – Priced £99

Day five– Knotted with a knee length skirt- With this outfit the shirt has to be tied from the bottom to create a cropped top look.

White turn up sleeve shirt

River island- Camel minimal wrap midi skirt- Priced £32.00

River island- Nude patent leather court shoes- Priced £55.00

Tan Chain Strap Structured Bag | New Look

New look- Tan Chain Strap Structured Bag- Priced £24.99

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Facebook- Podcast

For this weeks blog post I have collaborated with Shanai Taylor and created a post about how Facebook is a good platform for marketing a new product


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Taxonomies and Folksonomies: Instagram

Taxonomies and Folksonomies: Instagram

What is a taxonomy?

A taxonomy is a formal way of ordering things, using a tiered term structure,such as the alphabet. this means that everyone knows it and will be able to follow the same structure. Taxonomy represents a structured system of classification thus providing a unified vocabulary. Taxonomy is also centrally managed and consistently applied to content.

What is a Folksonomy?

Folksonomy is an informal way of ordering things. It refers to categorization by the user.

The definition of a Folksonomy is: A classification system derived from user generated electronic tags or keywords that annotate and describe online content.

Taxonomies on Instagram:

A taxonomy that Instagram have is the pictures you upload are in date order, so you or your followers would be able to find a picture from a few weeks ago quite easily.



This lets you know how long ago you took the pictures, and allows you and your followers to find a picture easily if you knew how long ago the picture was taken.

Folksonomies on Instagram:

Folksonomies are the informal way of categorising things, on Instagram this can be hash tagging. Hashtags lets you find what you’re looking for easily. All you have to do is write the word or phrase you’re looking for with the hashtag in front of it and all the pictures related to the hashtag come up.



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What makes a good piece of online content?

What makes a good piece of online content? Is the main question we have been studying in my workshops this week. I used the internet to research this question and found some good points which I will share in this blog. As a class we made a list of what makes a good piece of online content.

  • Originality
  • Well written
  • Good length
  • Write short and pointed content
  • Don’t ramble on
  • Visual
  • Memorable
  • Provide answers
  • Images
  • Presentation
  • Strong headlines

I have taken some of these points and explored them in further detail as to why they help make good online content.

Create a strong headline

When writing a blog post you should always ensure your article is introduced with a strong headline. It is stated on the Kissmetrics website “The nine ingredients that make great content” that 80% of viewers will only read the headline leaving only 20% to read the article that comes after it . So therefore to entice viewers to read your blog you need a strong headline that will excite viewers to read the article.

I researched how to make a strong headline and here are the good points I found

Controversial titles– Headlines with a controversial title grab more attention as it pulls audiences in. This is because it gets them emotionally involved so therefore they will want to comment on your site and voice their opinion.
Short title– You want your title to be short and straight to the point.
Ask a question– Ask question in your headline so therefore viewers will want to read the article to they can read what the answer may be.

Create engaging content

If you write engaging blog posts it will entice your viewer to carry on reading the content. To achieve this you need to have an exciting and important introduction as most people decide within the first few lines if the article is worth reading. So therefore at the start of an article you should discuss what the blog post will be able so it will make them want to read it.

Add images and videos

Some people learn better by seeing whilst others hearing. So therefore it is always vital you have a mixture of pictures, videos and text in your blog post so it will interest all different types of viewers. As well as this, pictures add colour to the content so it makes the post much more interesting to read.

I researched other blogs posts to find a piece of online content which ticks all these points. I found a blog based on students travelling around the world the blog was called isa student blog. She creates strong headlines that instantly grab my attention and make me want to read the full article. An example of one of her headlines that achieve this is the ‘3 culture shocks in Prague’ this is a great headline as it is intriguing and eye catching so therefore it makes me want to investigate into this article and read what these culture shocks are.

'3 culture shocks in Prague'

‘3 culture shocks in Prague’

She also creates good use of colour and photographs in her article. This is because the page is full of bright colours which intrigues me to view the site in further detail. If the article was just black and white with no colour or images on I would find it boring and would loose interest easily.

Her layout is very professional due to the moving images on her page that I found interesting and attention grabbing, she uses strong, bold headlines that standout to my attention, she has well structured her articles for example she uses paragraphs and punctuation so therefore we can see she has used a very professional approach when writing her blog.

Excellent use of layout

Excellent use of layout

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Must have fashion for fall 2015

The Autumn 2015 fashion season is finally upon us so my first blog post will be about what is on trend this fall. I will give you a full report of highly fashionable products that are on trend this season and places where you can buy them at an affordable price.

Fluffy love

AW15 London fashion week

AW15 London fashion week

Designers are using fur to give everything from silky eveningwear to knee length coats an add of luxury and glamour. A warm and fluffy coat is an essential buy this Autumn as it cry’s “look at me.” This is because you can buy a range of fur coats in a variety of different styles and colours which guarantee you to get noticed and keep you warm and cosy this Season.

River island Cream colour block faux-fur winter coat- Priced at £95

River island Cream colour block faux-fur winter coat- Priced at £95

This faux- fur Winter coat can be bought at a price of 95 pounds in River island this season. Its an excellent buy due to its very fashionable appearance and affordable price. So therefore I recommend if you want to look highly fashionable as well as warm this fall buy this coat!

Items of clothing which would look great paired with this cream coloured faux-fur winter coat include

Next- 7 For All Mankind Black Skinny Jean- Priced £170

River island- Black suede caged gold trim sandals- Priced £40




Red, red, red!


AW15 London fashion week

In this years AW15 London fashion week the stand out colour trend was most defiantly red. Most designers covered their models in the block red colour to really make them stand out on the catwalk.

River island red turtle neck backless body- Priced at £12

River island red turtle neck backless body- Priced at £12

This red turtle neck top can be bought from River island for 12 pounds. The block red colour will really make you stand out in the crowd as it is bright and vibrant. Which would be great paired with black jeans or skirt. If you want to keep up to date with the trends this autumn this red turtle neck top is a great buy.

Pair this red turtle neck backless body with

River island- Dark wash Molly jeggings- Priced £40

Tia Chunky Cleated Heel Chelsea Boot

Boohoo- Tia Chunky Cleated Heel Chelsea Boot- Priced £25

Knee high boots

Black over the knee boots

Black over the knee boots

Knee high boots are making a come back this Autumn if its over the knee, below the knee, suede or leather these boots are very stylish this fall. The great thing about over the knee boots is that they go with almost everything if that’s a skirt, dress or jeans it is guaranteed these boots will make your outfit much more stylish and fashionable.

Black Over The Knee Block Heel Boots | New Look

New Look- Black Over The Knee Block Heel Boots- Priced at £44.99


These black stretch over the knee boots can be bought for £49.99 from New Look. They are a perfect pair of shoes to wear this fall which can be worn with a black over the sized jumper.

Match these black over the knee boots with

Rose Slash Neck Waffle Jumper

Boohoo- Rose Slash Neck Waffle Jumper- Priced £15

Riverisland- Black skinny leather-look trousers- Priced £40

River island- Black diamond patchwork tote handbag- Priced £47

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